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Hello world!

Alright, I’ve finally done it.

I’ve started a book review blog. I have a few reviews already written and posted, but I’m officially going to focus on growing this here thing.

I read a buttload of posts on Pinterest about “How to Write Your First Blog Post.” There was a lot of contradicting advice. Some posts said, “Include these things…!!” and others said, “Don’t do an Introduction post at all.” So as I was trying to receive guidance, I was actually just sitting there like, “….”

So I’m going to pretend I didn’t read any of that and I’m going to do what I want and tell you some things about me. Because that’s why you’re here in my book blog, right? To listen to me talk about myself? Yeah, I thought so.

Just kidding. I will almost always talk about books.

I’m Rachel, by the way.

1. I am from Southern California. As a teenager, I went to Disneyland multiple times a month and cruised down the 101 freeway in my yellow VW bug. Basically, I grew up in this song. Now, I live in the South. North Carolina, to be exact. The orange orchards of my childhood have been replaced by fields of tobacco and cotton. When I first moved here, the humidity kicked my butt and I had a hard time understanding the accent and the things people would say. Like, “cuttin’ up,” “you favor her,” “ugly” (and not referring to physical appearance), and “pocketbook” to name a few. If you don’t know what those are referring to, you’re not alone. I didn’t either. I’ve lived here for 5 years now and all the Southern vernacular is fairly normal to me now, but it still makes me chuckle often.

2. I aspire one day to have long, beautiful, banana-colored hair like Bridget Vreeland from “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.” #hairgoals8ef676842fdc2784e5a5d82c0a40bb2e

3. I am a lucid dreamer. Which means I can control my dreams or in the very least, I almost always know I’m dreaming. Usually my ability to control a dream is not very detailed. I can’t make the situations up, but I can react to the ones I’m in. Like, I can always get out of scary situations because I will have the conscious thought, “This is scary. I’m going to leave now.” And then I do. (Usually by flying, but that’s beside the point.) I also think things while I’m dreaming like, “I am dreaming about this because I just saw this on a movie last night,” or “I need to tell my friend about this dream. She’ll think it’s funny.” Being a lucid dreamer, for me, is kind of like watching a nonsensical movie that I can sometimes change while it’s happening.

4. I have had recurring nightmares about elevators since I was about 10 years old. Elevators falling, elevators shrinking around me, elevator doors opening into a dark and windy abyss. It’s terrifying. Where are the dream interpreters to tell me why elevators have haunted my dreams for so long?!

5. I am a proud Hufflepuff. I have always gotten the feeling that Hufflepuff isn’t taken seriously, but gosh darn it, I don’t care. The Hufflepuff common room and dorms are right next to the Hogwarts kitchen, so it would always smell like dinner rolls and treacle tart. This is what the common room looks like: hufflepuffcommonroom_pm_It’s light, airy, and comfortable. I was definitely meant to be a Hufflepuff. And in the future, I’m sure you’ll see all my #hufflepuffpride leggings and such. Because believe me, I have them.

6. My cat is one of my favorite people in the world. I found her at a campground as a tiny little baby kitten. (Her family was killed by wild dogs so I saved her so I’m basically a hero and all that.) She’s not the cuddly, purry type. She is actually kind of stuck up and aloof, but she stays with me almost all the time. Wherever I am in the house, that’s where she is. She acts like it’s a coincidence, but I know it’s not. I know in her bristly, prideful little cat heart, she loves me. And I know for sure that she would go with me to Hogwarts.


7. If the things I said in #5 and #6 didn’t already tip you off, I love Harry Potter. With the white hot ferocity of a thousand shrieking grindylows. If you aren’t familiar with Harry Potter, go read it now. I’ll wait here.

8. I love show tunes. Nothing really obscure or lesser-known, I’m not that cool. I listen to Les Miserables, Wicked, Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, and other musicals on repeat. I’ll be listening to a song while cleaning up in the kitchen, singing loudly and ready to storm the ramparts. And then the next song will come on and I’ll be standing over the kitchen sink, like… 3g5k6Just listen to this song. If you allow yourself to sit quietly and listen to the words, I don’t know how you couldn’t feel all the feels over it.

9. Here’s something else about me: I didn’t play any sports as a kid. So while other girls were channeling their rage through sports like Regina George, I was reading books. Which was awesome, but it now means that I am a very clumsy adult. Like, things basically jump out of my hands. Not in a cute, Bella Swan kind of way. (Although I think we can all agree that Bella’s clumsiness is her only defining characteristic and makes her annoying more than anything. But moving on.) Don’t try to teach me a choreographed dance. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t take me to Zumba.

10. I had a professor in college who said that a person’s guilty pleasures said a lot about them. I would say my top 3 are Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas movies, singing show tunes in falsetto (my family loves this), and the fact that I’ve had a Taylor Swift CD in my car’s stereo for about 10 years now. And I am not ashamed. (What do those things say about me? I have no idea.)

11. I said I’d do 10, but whatever: My dream occupation has always been to work at See’s Candy. I would love to dress up in those little white uniforms and serve delicious candy to people. And then go in the back and stuff my face with Bordeaux bars every ten minutes.

12. Just pretend I didn’t say “10 things.” One day I hope to write a book. More on that in another post. (I’ll link here once I write about it.)

13. I love to bake. When I was very young, I would bake cakes basically every day.  There weren’t a lot of people in my family, so the barely-eaten cakes would sit next to each other on the kitchen counter for days. My mom had to decide whether she was going to squash my dreams of being a pastry chef and tell me to stop wasting food, or let me go on baking. I’m pretty sure she only gently discouraged me. So I made a cake a week instead of every day. Anyway, I learned how to make more than cakes eventually. Now that I’m older, I think I’ve had enough practice baking that I’m pretty good at it. You can always be better at something so I am still always learning and making mistakes.

Anyway. I’m planning on posting book reviews, reviews of those neat book subscription boxes, recipes that are related to books, and some personal stuff every now and then, too.

You can find my Review Archive with all my current books reviews HERE.

You can also find my Book Recommendations in many different genres HERE.

See ya’ll around!


6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Rachel besides the cat we are the same person lol. Harry Potter is life, I never played sports but I read A LOT, musicals are my jams because in one cd you can have both uplifting and emotional songs! Jess and I will JAM to some Wicked. I can’t wait to read your book reviews because I feel like we have similar tastes!


  2. Welcome to the world of book blogging! Thanks for visiting Quest Reviews, by the way. So excited to have a fellow Hufflepuff and cat-lover on board! Be forewarned, my co-blogger Ellen IS a Slytherin. I still love her to pieces though 😉


    1. Thanks for visiting back! I’ve loved the reviews I’ve had the opportunity to read on your blog. And haha, we won’t hold it against her. 😀


  3. I loved your intro post! AND CAKE IS LIFE so clearly you had the right priorities in your childhood there. 😉 Also Hufflepuffs are absolutely fabulous. 💕 I’m a Slytherin but I won’t lie…being next to the Hogwarts kitchen WAY seems like the place to be. 😂


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