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Movies/TV shows you’ll wish were books

Very often, Hollywood big wigs adapt a story from a book and turn it into a movie. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re not.

But even more often, I feel like you can feel the emotions of a story so much deeper if you’re immersed in the story through a book. So I’m here to suggest some movies/TV shows to be turned into books. I would expect names and probably characters to be changed, of course. Authors, get those idea notepads out!

1. Downton Abbey (series)

This show is about the drama and intrigue in both the gentry and servant classes in early 1900’s England.

I’m thinking a realistic romance between a upstairs/downstairs couple. Please read, though: realistic. I’ve read one or two books similar to this theme that didn’t do it for me at all. Also, throw in some WWI violence and battles.

Movies/TV shows you'll wish were movies - Chocolate & Chapters

2. The Dark Knight Rises

In this movie, a crime lord takes a city under siege. (Basically.)

I would love to hear the experiences of a citizen of Gotham City during the siege. I’m pretty sure it would be terrifying. Because if you really let yourself “feel” this movie, it’s just that: terrifying.

Movies/TV shows you'll wish were movies - Chocolate & Chapters

3. Stranger Things (series)

When a young boy goes missing, his friends and local police investigate his disappearance and find that the reason he’s missing might be much more supernatural than they first think.

There is so much good material here. Creepy creatures. Set in the 80’s. Dorky kids. If John Green starts writing paranormal YA novels, he should think about something like this.

Movies/TV shows you'll wish were movies - Chocolate & Chapters

5. Number 10 Cloverfield Lane (movie)

A woman wakes up in an underground bunker, tied up and healing from major injuries. The man who is keeping her there claims that there has been a massive world disaster and if she leaves the bunker, she will die. She is not sure if she should believe him, or if he’s keeping her there for other reasons.

Ugh, this would be such a good book. Although if romance was introduced, you’d have a hard time fighting the Stockholm Syndrome claims. (But between different characters, please. I really wouldn’t be interested to see a romance with John Goodman, amiright?) Still, this is such a good idea.


6. American Horror Story, but for the love: NOT MA rated (series)

American Horror Story is an anthology series. Each season has a different theme, usually sporting the same cast. The seasons thus far have been “Murder House,” “Asylum,” “Coven,” “Freak Show,” “Hotel,” and “Roanoke.”

My tender heart can’t handle the show “American Horror Story,” which I hate because the premise for each season is always so interesting. I tried an episode in the “Coven” season and it haunted my dreams for days. Sooo I would love to read spooky, but not horribly disturbing, book versions of this show.

Movies/TV shows you'll wish were movies - Chocolate & Chapters

7. The X-Files (series)

Fox Mulder, a believer, and Dana Scully, a skeptic, investigate a series of crimes that are always much stranger than they seem. Think aliens, ghosts, reincarnation. Basically anything dangerous and supernatural.

For this one, I’m imagining a series with each episode being a book. Mulder and Scully are such awesome characters. It would be funny, it would be scary, and it might even be emotional at some points.

Movies/TV shows you'll wish were movies - Chocolate & Chapters

Okay authors, get on it! And if you do, please put me on your ARC list. I’m not begging or anything. But kind of.


What movies/TV shows do you wish were books? 

Or please tell me: Are there any books currently in existence that match my ideas above? I would love to know because I’ve done plenty of Goodreads searching, but haven’t come up with much.


This post is also posted to the 2017 Book Blog Discussion Challenge, hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight!



15 thoughts on “Movies/TV shows you’ll wish were books

  1. Ooooh, this is such a fun idea! I would love if there was a book of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015 movie). I feel like we don’t have enough spy books despite how interesting they are. Great post!


  2. Oooh a Stranger Things-esque book would be AMAZING. I would totally be here for that! And might I just recommend This Savage Song if you want a Gotham-style book series? 😍 It has many of the same vibes and like city-warfare-sieges and really dark storyline AND IT’S AMAZING. But otherwise yes and yes to more Gothomish worlds in books!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously, wouldn’t it be great?! I read one book that tried to give the feeling of Downton Abbey and it just didn’t work. Whomp whomp. I hope someone writes a really good one!


    1. You should! I stopped watching the last season because for me, it just wasn’t interesting anymore. But those first two seasons especially are SO good to me!


  3. What a fun topic! I agree that books get you so much more depth. Some book suggestions you may like based on this post. Have you read The Royal We? Relates to your Downton Abbey comments. What about The Impossible Fortress or Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore? They both have a kind of D&D quest type feel and nerdy-ness – similar to Stranger Things. Although neither is paranormal.


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