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Sleight of Hands – LitJoy box review – July 2017

I tried a couple book subscription boxes in July. One of them was the LitJoy crate!


Here’s what came in the July 2017 LitJoy Young Adult Crate! (They also have middle grade and children’s crates, which I have not tried.)

(Click away if you don’t want to see spoilers for the July box!)


Box: LitJoy

Cost: $29.99, plus shipping (Shipping to North Carolina was $8.99. I think you can often find discount codes through their reps on Instagram.)


Each month’s box fits a special theme. This month’s theme was “Sleight of Hands.”

(There are no listed price values for each item, so I had to do some searching and guessing.)


The Book: The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell – Value $17.09 on Amazon.


Bookmark, signed book plate, and handwritten (electronically copied) letter from the author

Inej artist print by @offbeatworlds


Coloring New York Jazz fold out adult coloring book – Value $7.25 (Find this exact item on Amazon.)


Orange Blossom Perfume Roller by Wick and Fable – Value $10? (I can’t find an exact match on their website.)

Love this so much!


Book Locket Necklace – Value $14.99? (This seems a little generous, but here is a very similar one on Amazon.)

Side note: How do you even get a picture into a locket without bending it to pieces? Like, I really don’t know.


Jane Austen Playing Cards from Prospero Art – Value $9.95 (You can find the exact item here.)

I’m not sure these totally match the theme, seeing as they are Jane Austen, but they are really beautiful cards. 


The Verdict: Overall, I liked this box. I loved the perfume roller, and the playing cards are gorgeous. I thought the coloring book was a neat touch, as well. I’m not sure what I’ll think of the book, but it has good reviews on Goodreads so I’m hopeful. I am planning on staying subscribed to LitJoy for a few more months to see what else they have up their metaphorical sleeves!

By my rough estimation, the contents of the box are valued at $59.28. I might have overestimated with a couple of the items, but seeing a larger number like that makes me happy as a subscriber.


Note: This box was paid for by me. Nothing free, unfortunately. So my opinions are definitely my own. 


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