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Remember When by Lindsay Detwiler book review + Giveaway!

remember when

Remember WhenRemember When by Lindsay Detwiler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars ★★★★
Genre: Contemporary, Romance (PG-rated)
Source: Author

Jessica and Todd get into a major car accident on a frigidly cold, snowy night. They’re stranded in the backwoods with increasingly slim chances of rescue. Todd is injured and they don’t know how to begin getting out of their dangerous situation. While they wait out the days-long snow storm, they think back on their lives. Both the joy and the pain. And come to terms with the fact that they might not make it out alive.

I was surprised by this book. I really was.

Todd and Jess are realistic, lovable characters. When people pine and daydream about finding love, they should daydream about finding a relationship like Todd and Jess’s. It’s romantic, but most of all, it’s a deep friendship. They love each other in every way, in spite of and because of each other’s imperfections.

The actual story takes place over only a few days, but the narration goes back often to their pasts. How they met, the first time they said their “I Love You’s,” and all the heartbreaking and silly moments after. I loved it. I found myself internally saying “Aww” or chuckling out loud often. It helped that they were so realistic and relatable. I could see myself in Jess and my own husband in Todd.

I also want to mention that this book made me think a lot about two specific things:

1. Being of Norwegian descent, my husband and I are always joking that I was meant to live in the snow. Like, throw me into a cozy cabin in the woods, surrounded by 6-foot snow drifts, make sure I have access to Netflix, tea, and a shelf of books (and my family, of course)… and I’ll be happy as a frozen clam.

When it’s hot outside, I’m always wishing for the cold. When it’s cold outside, I’m always wishing it would stay that way. I’m basically Elsa.

Buttttt I really don’t want to be stranded in the snow?? Because heaven help me, my cold-loving blood would only keep me warm for so long.

Jess and Todd’s dangerous situation is painfully, chillingly real. They are freezing, injured, and almost without hope. It’s very scary. I could feel myself in that frosty truck cab along with them.

2. The story also made me ask myself some hard questions. What things in my life do I worry about or do on a daily basis that are a waste of time? What are the things that I will regret not doing? Like Jess, I know that writing and finishing a book is one of them. I have the stories in my heart and mind, I just have to be brave and determined enough to write them down. Am I spending enough time with my family? Probably not. Seeing Todd and Jess face these same questions made me think of them in my own life.

While the ending was a bit tidy for me, I loved getting to know Todd and Jess. I felt the cold and fear right along with them. This book will make you think, smile, and maybe even tear up.

I definitely recommend it.

Remember When by Lindsey Detwiler book review @ Chocolate and Chapters

Note: Copy of the book provided by the author for an honest review.


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5 thoughts on “Remember When by Lindsay Detwiler book review + Giveaway!

  1. *So* glad I saw your review of this one, Rachel! Just reading the synopsis has me totally hooked and reading your review just makes me more so. The idea of a combination survival story/love story has me practically beside myself. My husband “owes” me a book (for every car show he wins I get books LOL) and I’m going to choose this one!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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