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The Saturday Evening Girls Club – Once Upon a Book Club box review – July 2017

The Once Upon a Book Club box is different than any other book subscription box out there. (At least that I’m aware of. Tell me if I’m wrong.)

It includes a new release book, along with a few wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers. You open each gift as you come to the listed page so you’re fully immersed in the book.


Another neat thing about Once Upon a Book Club box is that they encourage interaction through discussion questions. (Discussions are held on their website, I believe.)

They have both Young Adult and Adult box options.

Here is what the July Adult box contained!


Box: Once Upon a Book Club

Cost: $34.99, plus shipping (shipping to North Carolina was $8.50. You can find discount codes through their posts on Instagram. Their current coupon is SEP10. As of September 2017.)

2017-09-09 09.59.41 2

Information booklet with discussion questions (left) and quote card (right)

(There are no listed price values for each item, so I had to do some searching and guessing.)


The book: The Saturday Evening Girls Club by Jane Healey – Value $10.78 on Amazon.

Read my review for this book here.

2017-09-09 09.59.40 2

Yellow turban-style hat – Value $9.99? (Similar item HERE.)

2017-09-09 09.59.41 1

Small wooden spoon – Value $3? (I can’t find any similar item. Most wooden spoons are sold in packs.)

2017-09-09 09.59.40 1

Wind chime/door chime – Value $3.78? (Similar item HERE.)

This item is kind of confusing to me… The book is based in the early 1900’s and I don’t feel like the style or make fits the time period at all.

2017-09-09 09.59.39 1

Note from character in book – Value $0


Yellow traveling purse – Value $10? (I can’t find a similar item so had to guess.)



The Verdict: The idea behind this box is absolute genius. I know it must take a lot of time to put together each box. Choosing the books, choosing the items that will be included, finding the items themselves, wrapping each one. It must take forever! I love the idea of experiencing books while reading them. I love that.

So with that in mind, I really don’t want to seem grouchy about this box. I really don’t. But this is the second Once Upon a Book Club box I have received and I have highly disliked both books included. (This was the first one and again, these are my thoughts on the book included in this box.)

The idea is amazing, but I just can’t get on board (and stay a subscriber) if the books are shoddy. (At least in my humble opinion.)

I also feel like the items in the box are really cheap quality. I won’t wear the turban hat, I don’t know if the spoon can be washed in the dishwasher (it should have been specified…), the chime is so cheap-looking, the note is essentially useless, and I might use the purse (although it might not hold up well).

Again, I don’t want to be grumpy. Nobody likes a complainer. But that’s how I feel.

If there is a company that does this same service with more sought-after books and items that I don’t want to immediately throw in the trash, count me in.

Also, if you receive this box yourself and love it, that’s wonderful! I am so glad. 

My rough estimation for the value of the box is $37.55. This also doesn’t excite me, since the cost out of my pocket (with shipping) was $43.49.


Note: This box was paid for by me. Nothing free, unfortunately. So my opinions are definitely my own.


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3 thoughts on “The Saturday Evening Girls Club – Once Upon a Book Club box review – July 2017

  1. Love, love, love book boxes! The surprise and thrill! They’re expensive though, so it’s truly disappointing if it’s not worth every penny……


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