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8 Things I’ve Learned Since I Started Blogging

Some people do “Things I’ve Learned in my First Year of Blogging” posts, but I want to do one now. There’s no special occasion or anything. I’ve just been thinking about my experiences while blogging.


8 Things I’ve Learned Since I Started Blogging


Side note: When I first thought about starting this blog, I spent weeks reading advice posts on different blogs. Not only book blogs, but mommy blogs, lifestyle blogs, any blog you can think of.

I wanted to know everything I needed to do. Because research.

8 Things I've Learned Since I Started Blogging @ Chocolate and Chapters

(I ended up learning a lot and then getting super overwhelmed so I started without feeling like I was really prepared anyway.)

So when you see the words “I read a blog post” throughout this post, you’ll know what’s up. Because I’ll say it a lot.


1. First of all, blogging is a constant doubting-yourself game. 

Not trusting yourself, not believing in yourself, and so on. I had no idea. I thought having a book blog would mean slapping out some book reviews and people would love it, just like that. Not so.

Anyway. I’ll go into more depth in my points below.


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Why I hate real people on book covers

I’m sure most readers have opinions about the appearance of the books they read. Some people complain about cover designs, quotes on the covers, those “permanent” stickers.

I have forceful opinions about beautiful titles, but I also feel strongly about something else: Photos of real people on book covers.

I will elaborate…

When I read a book that I love, it’s almost as if I’m seeing a movie in my mind. When the characters are speaking to each other, running for their lives, laughing, etc., I see it…

Why I hate real people on book covers @ Chocolate and Chapters

I love that while the same characters are described in books, the characters see are probably different than the characters you see. Even if we’re reading the exact same book.

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5 of My Favorite Books Since I Started Blogging

I have read so many good books lately. Of course, I’ve read some ehh or pure awful books, too. But the good ones have been really good. Here are some of them, for your TBR-adding pleasure!


5 of My Favorite Books Since I Started Blogging


1. The Last to See Me by M. Dressler

My Top 5 Favorite Books Since I Started Blogging @ Chocolate and Chapters

Ahh, this book was so good. It’s a story of a haunted house, but from the viewpoint of the ghost herself. So different and so interesting. And perfect for Halloween. Read it, I’m telling you!

Read my full review here.

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The Sunday Post – September 10

The Sunday Post - September 10 @ Chocolate and Chapters

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

I’m merging “The Sunday Post,” hosted by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer and “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?” hosted by Book Date. Because I do what I want.

These handy little posts are a place to share what you’ve been reading and what’s coming up next. And to add books to your own TBR pile, of course!


First of all, in my real life… 

1. In the biggest news right now… Hurricane Irma is coming.

I am usually the person who sits back when natural disasters are forecasted, thinking, “Why is everyone freaking out…?” But I am not happy about this hurricane at all. They’re saying it’s the strongest hurricane in recorded history (which is insane) and it’s leaving “unprecedented” destruction behind. Ugh. It looks like it might be passing by us in Eastern North Carolina.

My thoughts are with those who are being affected. 😦


I recently binge-watched “The OA” on Netflix. It was really good, but I have so many questions??? And I have a feeling that my questions won’t be answered, even if there’s another season. Like, what was the deal with needing to leave the front doors open?

It was very interesting and good, though. Don’t let my confusion scare you away.


3. I often tag the authors and publishers of the books I post on Instagram. It’s always so cool when they see it and comment! 😀

i shallif the creek

4. This is teeny tiny potatoes for some (most?) of you, but I reached 100 followers on my blog last week! So 100+ people get an email every time I hit Publish. That’s an awesome feeling. Thank you to everyone who visits, comments, and remembers me enough to come back. You are majorly appreciated, my homies.

i love you


Onto the books!


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Unpopular Opinions I Have About 5 Popular Books

I think there’s an unspoken idea in book blogging that if you really don’t like a popular book, you usually keep those feelings to yourself. (I know you all don’t do this, but bear with me here.)

We don’t want to be that person. We don’t want to complain about someone’s favorite book, resulting in that particular person (or many persons) huffily clicking away from your blog and never returning. As bloggers who want people to read our blogs. We want readers to stick around.

But since you’re here and this was kind of a prompt on Top Ten Tuesday, I’m going for it.

So this is…


Unpopular Opinions I Have About 5 Popular Books

Stick around, will ya?


Unpopular Opinions I Have About 5 Popular Books @ Chocolate and Chapters


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The 5 Best WWII Books (that may or may not be hidden gems?)

I could readily tell you that historical fiction is my favorite genre. More specifically, historical fiction about WWII is my absolute favorite.

My biggest reason I love it so much is because I love to see the bravery, compassion, and endurance of the human race. It’s awful to witness the bad, but it’s amazing to witness the good: the kindness and gentleness that existed even in the heart of horror.

That’s why I love it.

A lot of books about WWII are ehh, but some are so special, I’ll be rereading them for years to come.

So without further ado, here are…


The 5 Best WWII Books
(that may or may not be hidden gems?)


1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The 5 Best WWII Books (that may or may not be hidden gems?) @ Chocolate and Chapters

Oh, this book… It’s powerful, sad, and very moving. Just so good.


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