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5 ways I WON’T be reducing my TBR pile

A couple days ago I wrote about my shamefully long TBR list. As I said there, books are pack animals and breed like beautiful, shiny-covered rabbits. I have a lot of them.

Since then, I’ve been thinking:

How specifically (besides reading what I own, obviously) can I effectively reduce my TBR pile?

I did lots of searching and reading tip posts on other people’s blogs. There were plenty of helpful ideas, but there were also a lot of “yeah right…” tips. Without further ado, here are…

The 5 reducing-your-TBR suggestions I WON’T be following:


1. One blog suggested going through your TBR so vigilantly that you reduce it down to 10 books. 10 FREAKING BOOKS. 

Upon reading that, this was my reaction:

I mean, good for you, random book blogger. If you have the willpower to have 10 books on your TBR, I’m guessing your house is meticulously organized and you don’t have to rewash loads of laundry because you forgot about them and left them in the washer for days.

I won’t be reducing my TBR down to 10 books. Because that’s crazy talk.


2. Many bloggers suggested reading multiple books at once. Many people do this effortlessly.

I, for one, cannot.

When I read a book, my brain falls headfirst (or brain first?) into the story. It’s really hard for me to switch between multiple books at once and still feel invested in each of the stories.

I also have a hard time remembering which characters belong in which book. I’ll think, “Wait, where’s Martha? She hasn’t been mentioned in awhile. Oh, wait. That’s the other book…”

So that’s a no go.


3. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had different audio books suggested to me, I could probably buy a whole new Thor-height TBR. My brother listened to the entire Harry Potter series through audio book. We’d have the mildly relaxing sound of a British man’s voice echoing down our halls from 8:00-10:00 PM every night.

But alas, audio books don’t work for me. I’m not an auditory learner??

When I listen to audio books, my mind wanders. I can’t focus on what’s being said for more than a couple minutes before I’m daydreaming about something completely different. It probably stems from growing up in a loud house with a bunch of loud kids. I can tune out noise very, very easily.

So when I listen to an audio book, I’ll remember about 15 minutes in that I’m listening to an audio book.

I’ll have to rewind and find the place that I last remember. That gets annoying after doing it again and again (or doing it once?) so audio books are out.


4. A lot of people read their same favorite books over and over again. They are Rereading Queens (and Kings, probably). So a lot of bloggers suggested: Don’t reread!

I personally don’t reread often because I feel really guilty?? Ugh, I hate Reading Guilt.

But anyway, the point is: If I want to reread a book, gosh darn it, I’m going to. 


5. Another common tip is simply: STOP BUYING BOOKS. Like I talked about in my aforementioned post, I have a problem with buying books. Meaning: if I see one on sale or I feel like need it at that moment as much as I sometimes need chocolate… I buy it.

I buy it, even though I have shelves of books at home that cry a little bit every time I shove a new one in next to them because they know it’ll take that much longer to get to them. (Sorry, guys.)

I’m half-going to follow this tip… (Which I will talk about another time.)


I’ll expand on the ways I will ACTUALLY reduce my TBR in another post. Trust me, my strategies will be very reasonable. And probably a little lazy.

Which reducing-your-TBR tips are not reasonable for you? How have you effectively reduced your TBR? 


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21 thoughts on “5 ways I WON’T be reducing my TBR pile

  1. First of all, I’m cracking up at this whole post between the laundry and the British voices and everything, haha. Second, I FEEL THIS POST SO MUCH. I also cannot read multiple books at once for the same reason. I also don’t listen to audio books because I”m not an auditory learner, so I absorb nothing from audiobooks and, yeah, zone out completely. And yeah, if a book is good, I’m not gonna give up rereading it just because there are other books out there! I do like rereading sometimes.

    And ten books? TEN book???? I mean, I don’t have a massive physical pile, but I definitely wouldn’t be throwing out books I spent money on. And as it is, what I mean when I refer to my TBR is just all the possible books I’m even vaguely interested in. I don’t plan on reading all of them, I just don’t want to forget them. I’d forget about all the books I want if I cut it down to ten at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! The ten books suggestion made my eyes bug. I have another problem with it too: When I go to a book store, I ALWAYS use my Goodreads app to look at my TBR list. I always have a good idea of the books I’m looking for. And if a bookstore doesn’t have the particular books I’m looking for, I have hundreds more on the list that I can look for next. If I only have ten books on my TBR, that list would run out fast. Ugh. Crazy people. haha 😀

      Anyway, I’m glad you could relate! That makes me happy.


  2. Hy! New visitor here 🙂 This post made me laugh so much! Ok first of all, reducing to 10 BOOKS?? Sorry but I’m not into cutting out good things like books from my life! But hey I read multiple books at a time 😀 But audiobooks won’t work for me either..I’ve never tried one but I do know the thing about books I love is I can READ them..I think I’d tune out if I were to listen to them! Again, wonderful post!!


  3. Lol, I am the same way about audio books. And with clothes in the washer..

    I just let my TBR grow and grow on Goodreads. I don’t keep all the physical books though. I have stopped buying books, unless it is a favorite author (narrowed to a list of 10) or a book that I checked out from the library and loved completely. 🙂


  4. Weeding out the TBR to 10 books?! Um, WHO DOES THAT?! Someone who just learned to read like 5 minutes ago? That’s madness, I say, just madness.

    And stop buying books… BAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, that was cute. Just precious. To whoever suggested that: I pinch your cheeks, you precious little cupcake. Now go away and play.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


  5. First off, I love this post. I have your laundry problem too, so you can feel better about your lack of organizational skills.
    I actually CAN read multiple books at once (though I have, on occasion, had that Martha problem you speak of), so I guess I can use that method. And I’ve actually learned to love audiobooks. Ironically, I find that the way for me to keep my mind from wandering is to listen WHILE I’m doing something else relatively mindless. For instance, I can listen while driving or folding laundry. If I try to listen without doing anything else at all, that’s when my mind wanders. Weird, I know.

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    1. I’d like to try audio books again because I’m always hopeful. I tried listening to an audio book recently while I sewed and had no luck. Oh well. But maybe laundry is a good time. And it might actually give me motivation to do more housework! haha 😀 We’ll see.


  6. I think the only effective way that I reduce my TBR pile is by reading the books. LOL. There’s no such thing as too many books, right?! I love rereading some books. And I’ve just taken up reading multiple books at once. It’s not so bad. And I don’t think my TBR will ever make to under 10 books. LOL


  7. I have also had so many people tell me to try audio books, especially since I am a long-distance runner (“it’s better than music and podcasts” they tell me). I have the same problem that you do, I cannot retain info just from listening, I need to see/read it in order to process it. I know myself, and I know that three miles into a long run I will have no idea what is going on and then what would I do for the rest of my run?


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